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Debunking Evolution
This was taken from the Kent Hovind 'Lies in the Textbooks' series. It has been edited for factual condensation of ...
Don't buy it!
Theory of Evolution...
Evolution is Dumb (100 Reasons)
Kent Hovind goes through the numerous reasons why the theory of evolution is stupid....
Fossil Record
Evolution relies on, depends on, and believes in the 'evolutionary story' of the fossil record. Several key facts p...
Chicken Eggs
Do they disprove evolution?...
Does it disprove evolution?...
Dark History of Evolution
Dark History of Evolution...
Evolution vs. God
Witnesses Against Evolution
The Witnesses Against Evolution by Dr. Bill Haag...
Zoroastrian Info
A short audio visual on the evolution of Zoroastrianism from 1200BC to present....
Dr. Albert Mohler at Dauphin Way Baptist Church on March 29, 2009. (Evolution)...


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