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Pre-Trib Wedding?
Why is Jesus' teaching in John 14:1-3 an analogy of a Jewish wedding which also infers a Pre-Tribulation rapture of...
The Jewish Yeshua
The First Temple stood until 586 BC. The accession of 'Cyrus the Great' allowed for the building of the Second Temp...
Replacement Theology
A presentation by Mark Biltz on how replacement theology has lead to a misunderstanding of the Scriptures. While...
Replacement Theology
The roots of Replacement Theology and its rotten fruit of anti-Semitism date back to Christianity's infancy. Ironic...
Jerusalem & Islam
Dr. Mordechai Kedar of Bar-Ilan University defends the Jewishness of Jerusalem, the Jewish capital for over 3000 ye...
Messianic Jews
A very interesting secular news story on Channel 2 news in Israel on the growing Messianic Jewish movement sweeping...
Third Temple 2010
Update January 28, 2010 on the Building of the Jewish Third Temple....
Location of the Next Jewish Temple
Dr. Jimmy DeYoung discusses the exact location of the next Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel w...
Jewish man turns to Jesus


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