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Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
The classic gospel song is here set to a backcloth of one of the most significant 'homecomings' of our age, the re-...
Matt. 24 - Johnny Cash
'Matthew 24 is knocking at the door.' The legendary Johnny cash performing 'Matthew 24' accompanied by a slideshow ...
Gonna Cut You Down
(Johnny Cash) You can run on for a long time... Run on for a long time......
Ain't No Grave
AIN'T NO GRAVE (Can Hold My Body Down)Johnny Cash from American VI Prod. Rick Rubin Lost Highway Records...
Cashless Society Is Already In Place
Even though the kingdom of the Antichrist is not yet fully in place, a cashless society is already in full swing, p...
UK doubles Syria rebel cashflow
The UK has announced it will allocate some 500,000 ($795,000) to supply non-military aid to the Syrian opposition....


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