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Former Lesbian Magazine Publisher
After 29 years as a gay activist, former lesbian magazine publisher Charlene Cothran stunned the homosexual communi...
Bible & Homosexuality
Sermon by Pastor John Macarthur on the Bible and Homosexuality....
Same-Sex Marriage?
Confronting the Mayor of San Francisco, John MacArthur accurately defines the sin of homosexuality, regardless of o...
Dr. Walter Martin is one of four guests on the June Cain Miller show. This program originally aired on September 22...
Sexual Ethics
A debate between the controversial Episcopal Bishop of Newark, N.J., Rev. Spong, and Dr. Martin concerning. 'Should...
Bad Sign of the Times
Wretched: A Bad Sign of the Times. (Homosexuality)...
Gay Hairdresser to the Stars gets SAVED!
The awesome testimony of former Homosexual Danny Velasco. Danny was a very famous and succesful hairdresser and had...


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