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Jim Jones and People's Temple
Jim Jones and the People's Temple - Dr. Walter Martin...
Samson Destroys Temple
Clip of Samson destroying the Temple with the Philistines....
The Jewish Yeshua
The First Temple stood until 586 BC. The accession of 'Cyrus the Great' allowed for the building of the Second Temp...
Clearing the Temple
Jesus clears the Second Temple...
Money Changers
Jesus Christ Chasing The Money Changers Out of The Temple...
Jeremiah at the Temple...
Temple Topic: Red Heifer
The topic is the Red Heifer, the mysterious purification ritual in Numbers Chap 19. The Red Heifer is available tod...
Third Temple 2010
Update January 28, 2010 on the Building of the Jewish Third Temple....
Yearning for Holy Temple
Special Conference Emphasizes Yearning for the Holy Temple ...
Solomon's Temple
3D Aerial Tour of the Second Temple of Solomon as built by King Herod circa 70 AD...
Location of the Next Jewish Temple
Dr. Jimmy DeYoung discusses the exact location of the next Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel w...
Temple - Three Days
Jesus says He will raise the Temple in Three days....


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