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Young Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu explains Israels conditions for peace....
Flame in the Wind (Excerpt)
A young man has been befriended by a Bible believer who has shared the Gospel with him. He is now called forward to...
Young Earth Creationism
Young Earth Creationism by Dr. Kent Hovind....
Biblical Manhood 3
A Young Man's Attitude Towards Women - Sermon by Paul Washer...
Pro-Life Flash Mob
As a response to the Walk for Choice, anonymous teens and young adults organized a Pro-Life Flash Mob over the span...
God Exists?
Bringing religion back to school. Headline of campaign: Knowledge is power. (Although the story is fictional and th...
Young vs. Old Earth
Ken Ham & Jason Lisle debate Hugh Ross & Walter Kaiser on the age of the earth,both from theological & scientific s...
Location of the Next Jewish Temple
Dr. Jimmy DeYoung discusses the exact location of the next Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel w...
Muslim from Iran becomes Christian
A young man from Iran immigrated to Canada. Soon he became a gang member. He finally met Jesus and his life was cha...
I am SecondŽ - Tim Ross
When Tim Ross was sexually abused as a young child, it started a chain reaction of consequences. First was protecti...
The Keith Green Story
Keith Green was an intense and radical man of God. He was taken from this Earth at a relatively young age. His lega...


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