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Church, Israel, Tribulation
We believe that the church does not go through the tribulation is by virtue of the nature of the church. - John Mac...
Catholicism Exposed
Catholicism exposed (Catholicism has NOTHING to do with TRUE Christianity) (John MacArthur)...
What Catholics Believe
What Real Catholics Believe by John MacArthur (Roman Catholicism)...
Bible & Homosexuality
Sermon by Pastor John Macarthur on the Bible and Homosexuality....
Same-Sex Marriage?
Confronting the Mayor of San Francisco, John MacArthur accurately defines the sin of homosexuality, regardless of o...
Emergent Church
John MacArthur discussing the critical issues involving the Emergent church movement, commenting on sound bites fro...
The Restrainer
The Restrainer ('The Coming Man Of Sin') - John MacArthur...
Speaking in Tongues
Is Speaking in Tongues Demonic? - John MacArthur...
Prosperity Gospel Heretics
John MacArthur Exposes Prosperity Gospel Heretics (Word of Faith)...

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“If you are a Christian, you are not a citizen of this world trying to get to heaven; you are a citizen of heaven making your way through this world.” - Vance Havner
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